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  • Totem Acoustic Trees

    350,00 kr

    Totem Acoustic Trees

    350,00 kr

    Using a very old method of twisting cable, the capacitance of the cable is very low, up to 100 times lower than normal parallel cable. It is this capacitance that your amplifier simply doesnít like.

    By not using it you actually can reduce the strength of the original design, Vince has been using Tress cable while designing for many years. It is build around a 1.8mm≤ silvered oxygen free copper isolated with thick tight Teflon which dielectric shielding makes it impervious to damage and oxidisation. The copper is annealed slowly and the silver has a very high purity. Can be run long distances -in-wall and around room. The speaker cable is thin enough to be easily accommodated in most rooms.

    (Pris per meter)

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