James Loudspeaker A2,1 Amp 2017 (3 Channel 360W Amplifier)

12 990,00 kr

Designed and engineered by James Loudspeaker, we leveraged our decades of sound engineering experience to build what might be the simplest, most smartly designed amp in the industry. Designed for bi-amping in mind, the A2.1 provides left and right stereo channels, a subwoofer channel, and a simple to use crossover with level adjustments, providing extreme flexibility and outstanding performance for a number of applications.

Featuring analog, and digital inputs, and a IR remote control, the A2.1 is ideal for integration with a stand-alone TV in a bedroom or guest room where you desire premium L/R & Subwoofer sound. This may include a SoundBar with an inwall/inroom subwoofer.


Product Description

Specifications Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz /- 0.2dB

Height   4,45 cm

Width  48,26 cm

Depth   25,40 cm

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