Sisaco 306 – Coaxial/Optical to R/L audio Converter DCT-3

990,00 kr

This is a Coaxial/Optical to L/R audio converter box. It accepts digital audio signal input through either Coaxial or Optical input via a switch, and converts it to analog audio signal (L/R) output.

  • Supports digital audio signal (Coaxial/Optical) input and convert it to analog audio signal (L/R) output
  • Integrated digital interpolator filter and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).
  • Supports non-compression digital stereo audio input
  • Compact size and easy to install


Product Description


Input Connector Type
Coaxial and Optical
Input Format
SPDIF LPCM 2 CH, 24 bit
Sample Frequency
32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz
Output Connector Type
R/L stereo
Output Level
Output Impedance
ESD Protection
Human body model: ± 10kV (air-gap discharge)
± 6kV (contact discharge)
25 g
Dimensions (HxWxD)
97 x 85 x 35 mm
Power Source
5V/0.36~0.5A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
AC Adaptor

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